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Sofull Chai

Dirty Chai (Espresso)

Dirty Chai (Espresso)

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A blend of traditional Indian spices and espresso powder, made for all of you chai lovers who just can't quite make the commitment and give up your coffee. Don't worry, we understand.

Our Dirty Chai is zippy and flavorful, balancing the lightly earthy espresso flavor with a bit of spice on the backend from the traditional spices. It is also, as you probably guessed, the most highly caffeinated chai we offer (yay!).

Best enjoyed any and every day you desire espresso with a little bit of spank in it.

Brew and enjoy!


(Sediment will begin to form at the bottom of your cup as your chai cools. Don't worry, they are just the spices responsible for making your chai so delicious. You can stir them back in or let them be.)
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