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Sofull Chai

Turmeric Chai

Turmeric Chai

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A blend of traditional Indian spices and Assam black tea powder, complimented by the natural warmth of turmeric.

Our Turmeric Chai is mellow only in color. Boasting all of the spices found in our traditional masala blend, this chai creates a beautiful golden color and a fantastic warm and spicy flavor perfect for a cool fall day.

Best enjoyed on a fall evening in bed with a good book. Just be careful, loaded with turmeric, this chai is liable to leave a mark on more than just your heart if you spill it while crawling under the covers.

Brew, and enjoy!


(We provide regular as well as decaf black tea powder options for all of our chais. If you are purchasing our chai for baking purposes, or if you prefer to brew your chai traditionally using loose leaf black tea, we also provide the option to order the spice blend without any black tea powder in it. You may use your own loose leaf black tea or purchase some on our website with your chai.)

(Sediment will begin to form at the bottom of your cup as your chai cools. Don't worry, they are just the spices responsible for making your chai so delicious. You can stir them back in or let them be.)
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